About us


Glad to welcome You at Asteri.lv - the world of bedroom textile, where beauty meets quality.

Why are we special? What we do different than others? Everything we do is not for everyone, but for You! 90% of our products are made by order, for particular clients. We prefer not to keep products in stock, but produce them, when they are needed. Why? Easy - because we care! We care about our products which are much better, when they are just produced, then after being stored. We care about the Planet, by avoiding the production of unnecessary goods. We care about You, providing exactly what You need and making every item from the best materials and in perfect quality!
The idea of Asteri.lv has started with products for kids. With desire to help every mom to make the bed a place, where kids run with pleasure, because it looks like their dream world. As well as to be sure that Your kids bedding is sustainably produced, using only natural high-quality materials which are safe for kids of any age.
So what about adults? We definitely deserve great night sleep, if we have planned to rock the World during the day! When Your bedding looks great and simple, has perfect quality and is made of premium textile You will go there timely and enjoy every night. Happy adults can make the World better. Just have a try!
* All our products are handmade in EU